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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Believe it or not, it’s the time of year to start thinking about Christmas projects.  To kick start the season, I’ve decorated 5 chipboard ornaments which come in 3 different shapes (bauble, star & round).  There are three pieces in each shape.  For this project, I used only two of the pieces, but you could use the third piece to make a double sided ornament. 
I decorated the front of each shape with paper from the Vintage Christmas 6 x 6 paper pad.
For the backs of the ornaments, I used the Vintage Christmas Snow Globes & Holiday Stamps 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.

Several of the products I used can be found in this month's Ornament Frame Set Kit at Alpha Stamps.

I started by covering two of the pieces (solid piece and a piece with a hole) with decorative paper. Behind the hole, I combined two images from the Winter Kids collage sheet.

Around the ornament, I attached green cypress picks, berry sprays from my stash and red holly berry stems.  The reindeer is made of wood that I painted white and then covered in Twinklets Diamond Dust.

The title “The Child's Christmas” and all the other titles I used come from the Mini Christmas Titles collage sheet.

SUPPLY LIST - The Child's Christmas Ornament

The image used for this ornament is again from the  Winter Kids collage sheet.  After papering the chipboard and adding the image I glued a wire pine needle stem around the opening.

I used ribbon from the 2017 Christmas Ornaments Ribbon Set to hang all of the ornaments.

For this ornament, I used an image from the Here Comes Santa Claus collage sheet.  The paper behind the image is Aspen Trees scrapbook paper.
I decorated the ornament with a Holly Berry Garland which I cut into pieces to make it easier to glue around the ornament and to overlap it for a thicker look.

The bow is from the ribbon set and the final touch is two sisal trees.

SUPPLY LIST - Santa Claus And His Works
Vintage Christmas 6x6 Paper Pad


I used an image from the Snug in their Beds collage sheet for this ornament.

I wrapped mini pine & berry garland around the star.

I then cut up dark holly berry stems and glued them around the opening.

The ribbon is from the Christmas ribbon set and the glass stocking is from my stash.

SUPPLY LIST - Christmas Stocking

The image is from the Winter Kids collage sheet.  I attached ribbon from the ribbon set around the edge of the piece.  I then added miniature pine cone picks

SUPPLY LIST - Good Wishes For Christmas & the New Year

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


It’s become an annual tradition, to treat all my followers to a FREE Halloween themed collage sheet.  This year it’s domino book covers (you can use them inside dominos too) or you could use them as bottle labels.  Feel free to download this sheet and use it in your artwork.


Monday, October 30, 2017


These ATCs are cards I submitted for a Halloween swap hosted by AlphaStamps.
The base for the card consists of an ATC sized piece of chipboard and decorative frame.  The card and frameset, are available in three designs.  I used the Dragon Arch and the Wrought Iron designs.
The images of children can be found on the Little Imps and the Little Darlings Collage Sheets.  The original images are in black and white so colorized them to make them creepier.

The chipboard arch is stippled with various shades of grey, going from dark to light, to create the appearance of stone.  The fence and tombstones are printed on the decorative paper and the tree is a rub-on transfer.
I added a tombstone with dripping blood (paint) and a creepy tree covered in black glitter.

I colored the boy's clothes, added the red circles and dots to his eyes, and the blood dripping from his mouth.  The final touch is dimensional felt bat stickers.

In the background is paper with winter trees, the wrought iron frame is painted black, and the creepy tree is covered in black glitter.
I added a tombstone that says "Beware of the Living Dead".   Behind the tombstone and the girl are creepy dolls to which I added red eyes.  The creep factor is enhanced by having the red eyes of the doll behind the tombstone, peek through the tree branches. The doll images are from the Dolls in the Attic Collage Sheet.
I colored the girl's dress and face plus added cracks giving her the appearance of being a porcelain doll.

The frame on this card is sprayed with stone spray paint.  
Embellishments include a tombstone, moon, glittered bats, dimensional bat sticker, a creepy tree, and a crow.
I colored his jacket red and added the fur to his face.  On the wire leash is his pet rat.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


When thinking about projects for this Halloween season, I realized that in the hundreds of Halloween pieces I’ve made, none of them are Ghost themed so I’ve rectified that with 2 ghost themed projects and new ghostly image sets.

On the edge of Grimsley Village is crumbling brick house.  It’s had many residents during its life; some of which have died and now haunt the house.
The house is crumbling with piles of bricks blocking the door and holes in the roof.
Two of the most famous ghosts are Sarah and James who were seemingly lovely polite children.  Their parents employed a governess as they were frequently away.  Each time they returned from a trip they would find the governess unwilling to continue.  The parents assumed the problem was the isolation of the house and the lack of adult conversation.  Upon returning from an unusually long absence, the parents discovered that the latest governess had fled, abandoning the children.  Oddly enough she left all of her things behind some of which looked like they were stained with blood.  
Next, there is Abigail who had all but given up on finding her true love.  Then one day unexpectedly she met Thomas; tall, handsome and witty, it was love at first sight.
On their wedding day, Abigail discovered that Thomas had fled with her maid of honor Sarah.  In a fit of deep despair, she jumped from the roof of the House of Ghosts.   Thomas and his new bride Sarah moved into the house but they weren’t alone as Abigail was waiting.  Thomas and Sarah were never seen again.

Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie,
Kissed the girls and made them die,
When the boys came out to play,
Georgie Porgie scared them away. 

You’ve been forewarned, enter the House of Ghosts and you might be next.

The Details
The house is constructed using the Large Haunted House Frame Set.  
For paper, I used Red Brick Wall Scrapbook Paper.  I cut some of the brick away and added bricks backed by chipboard to the base.  After gluing the paper to the house I peeled away some of the bricks (cutting out the shape first with an X-Acto knife) to expose the chipboard beneath.
I used Hampton Brick scrapbook paper for the roof.  I then cut away sections and in one of the cutaway areas, I added wooden skewers to simulate the roof framing.
At the top of the roof is a chipboard Bat Border which I painted with a combination of grey, red, and orange acrylic paint.
The ghosts are from my new Ghosts in Abandoned Rooms collage sheet and the picture frames are from the Shabby Architecture collage sheet.

This project was inspired by a poem I wrote and the Dark Hollow 12 x 12 Collection Kit.

The Ghost Queen
The ghost queen walks amongst the toppled headstones.
Her steps make no sound save for the rustling of dead leaves, as all in her path wither.
She is unchanging and unforgiving; time weighs heavy on her stagnant heart.

A cold wind brings shape to the mist revealing the others.
Bound to the earth by bonds of their own making, floating on a sea of endless sorrow, the silent procession reaches the hollow.

She watches as the barrier dissolves; a barrier no thicker than the silk from a spider’s web, a moment when life and death merge into one.
She reaches out to touch the past.

Too quickly a bright moon rises, melting the mist and lifting the darkness.
She fades away with a sigh and a whisper as one cycle ends and another begins.

I decided to illustrate the poem using a simple accordion fold book.
To decorate the cover I used an 8” creepy tree cut in half (I used the other half later in the book) covered with Raven Iridescent Glitter.
To make the crown, I first braided some leather cording to serve as the base.  Next, I attached Clear Mini Icicle Ornaments, Twisted Leaf Charms and branches from a 6” chipboard tree (I used other pieces of the tree to decorate other pages) covered with more of the raven glitter.  I also use the silver metal triangular charms from my stash.
Inside the book are four pages that illustrate each section of the poem.
The ghosts are from the Ghosts digital image set.  There are several isolated semitransparent ghosts in the image set which I printed on the Dark Hollow papers.
I decided to make a chipboard template the size of the pages (5" x 7") to use in selecting which part of the 12" x 12" paper I wanted to use.
I marked and cut out the section and then ran the paper through my printer and printed the ghosts onto the paper.
Another way to use the ghosts is to print them on vellum or transparency film.

To complement these projects I’ve created 5 new collage sheets and 2 digital image sets.

This sheet contains 8 ATC sized interior backgrounds haunted by ghosts.  In addition to using them as an ATC they could also be used behind a window.
This sheet contains 8 ATC sized backgrounds haunted by ghosts.  In addition to using them as an ATC they could also be used behind a window.

On this sheet, you’ll find all kinds of shabby windows with interior ghost screens.  They would work well for either the Large Haunted House Frame Set or Large Haunted House Shadowbox Set.  Both the background images and the ghost in the windows images would work well for any of the Grimsley Village haunted houses.
These are sized for the Large Haunted House Shadowbox Frame Set or the Large Haunted House Frame Set but would also work well for any of the Grimsley Village houses.  Some of the windows are duplicated so that you can make the windows on the haunted house symmetrical.

This set contains all of the images from the Shabby Architecture #1 & #2 collage sheet plus 6 more images.  These are sized for the Large Haunted House Shadowbox Frame Set or the Large Haunted House Frame Set but would also work well for any of the Grimsley Village houses.  
This set contains all of the images from the GhostsGhosts in Abandoned Rooms & Ghost in the Windows collage sheets.  In addition, there are 13 additional isolated ghosts, for a total of 43 images. 

The isolated ghosts can be printed on patterned background paper (as I did for this project), transparency film or vellum.

The 16 background images are ATC sized and work well behind windows.  The 14 Ghost in the Windows sheet would work well for either the Large Haunted House Frame Set or Large Haunted House Shadowbox Set.  Both the background images and the ghost in the windows images would work well for any of the Grimsley Village haunted houses.